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Belong to something bigger. Become a Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club member and help protect the community, while becoming part of one.

Lifesaving isn't only about rescues. It takes a community to run a club, and your skills are just what we're looking for. Check the types of Membership Categories below or go to Membership Categories menu for more information.


Throughout NSW there are over 20,000 volunteer lifesavers patrolling our beaches during the season. To qualify for a patrol you need to obtain your Bronze Medallion which remains one of the most respected qualifications within Australia. For more information on Bronze Medallion click here. Patrolling is a wonderful way to create new friendships, live a healthy lifestyle and save lives.


When Nippers graduate at the age of 15 becoming a cadet member is an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge of Surf Life Saving before becoming a fully-fledged member. Once they have obtained their SRC (eligible from the age of 13) they can participate in patrols with many joining parents and older siblings on the beach. They can also compete in surf sport and take place in leadership programs run by the state office.


One of the movement’s greatest strengths is that it is community minded. For those wanting to become part of the fabric of a lifesaving club but are unable to patrol due to health issues or work commitments this type of membership is an option to stay involved.


Each year almost 30,000 youngsters take part in the iconic Nippers program at beaches across the State, with about 800 here at Bronte. Targeted at young children between the ages of 5-15, Nippers is a fun and safe way to introduce the lifesavers of tomorrow to the ocean environment. Go to Nippers Menu for more information.