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Cadet Patrol Roster

The 2023/24 Cadet Patrol Roster can be accessed via the Cadets WhatsApp group.

To organise a patrol swap or if you’re unable to attend due to illness, send a WhatsApp message to the Director of Cadets in your Patrol WhatsApp. To be added to Bronte Cadets WhatsApp groups, contact

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Who are we?

After completing your Surf Rescue Certificate at Bronte in the U14s, you graduate from Nippers into Cadets. With a focus on respect, inclusion and fun, Bronte Cadets patrol as surf lifesavers. Our Cadets learn how to spot and reduce risks at the beach, guide people to safety, apply first aid, save lives and more importantly, save themselves from getting into trouble at the beach. You remain a Cadet until the end of the season where you're in Year 12, when you graduate into the senior club.

Why do we do what we do?

Helping the community by patrolling Bronte Beach as a Surf Lifesaver gives a sense of purpose, creates opportunities to make new mates outside of school, helps you learn how to be safe and have fun at the beach, and learn skills that one day might save your life or the life of someone else.

What do we do?

Patrol Bronte Beach, maintain and learn new skills through weekly drills, provide water safety for Nippers, check and maintain surf lifesaving and first aid equipment, participate in fun and friendly competitions on patrol, and patrol Garie Beach once per season.


 Cadets at Bronte are in U14 to U18 age groups, at a minimum they have completed their SRC and their Bronze Medallion when they’re 15.


Cadets are allocated to a Cadet Patrol (see roster above), reporting to the Patrol Captain. Patrols are made up of a mix of age groups. Cadet Patrols are on Sunday mornings, on weeks Nippers is on 8am-11:30am, otherwise 8:30-11:30.

Minimum hours per season

At a minimum, Cadets patrol 25 hours per season. This must include a public holiday and volunteering at the annual Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim (B2B). Details of the B2B volunteering requirements are communicated close to the time of the swim (December). If you don’t complete your minimum patrol hour requirement, you may be asked to show cause before registering for the next season, you may also be ineligible to undertake your Bronze Medallion in the Cadet Bronze course as it assumes knowledge that you learn on patrol.

Bronte Cadet Courses

Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) - Is completed in Nippers U14s. In the SRC course you learn the skills, qualifications and confidence to commence patrolling as Surf Lifesavers. Training is continued on patrol.

SRC to Bronze - Minimum age of 15 and two seasons meeting minimum patrol hours requirements. The SRC provides a number of learning outcomes that reduce the time of the Bronze course.

After Bronze - there are a number of qualifications that can be obtained through hard work depending on age. The first is the IRB crew course teaching lifesavers how to crew the rubber ducky, through to courses like advanced first aid and silver medallions. 

For more information on courses and education, including the full Bronze, contact

Other Opportunities

Competition at carnivals, board training, leadership, other courses organised through SLS Sydney and SLS NSW

Duke of Edinburgh
Award Scheme
Voluntary Service

Bronte Cadets who are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and who wish to have their Patrol hours applied towards their voluntary service requirements, must seek approval from Director of Cadets (

Once approved, you will be able to put down the name of the Director as the ‘Assessor’ for the Voluntary Service portion of the award.   All assessments will be conducted in consultation with the Patrol Captain and Vice Captain.

 If you have detailed questions, please speak first to your school Duke of Ed representative or see


Contact the office or