Under 8 (Surf Aware 1)

Cap Colour – Royal Blue

Time: 10am - 11am

Age Managers: 

  • U8B: David Sutherland, Simeon Baker-Finch, Owen Price, Andrew Moffitt
  • U8G: Chris Cruikshank, Amy Darvill, Zac Sharma, Peter Goulter, Daniel Barker

Proficiency requirements: see here

BBQ duty Day: 

  • U8B: Sunday 17 December 2023 and Sunday 18 February 2024
  • U8G: Sunday 17 December 2023 and Sunday 3 March 2024

Activities: The children continue to build on skills they have learned.  They will run and play flags on the sand, and participate in water activities including swimming in the pool, wading in the shallows and dolphin diving and board paddling in the bogey hole. 

See here for more details.