Under 14 (Surf Rescue Certificate)

Cap Colour  - Red

Time: 8am - 11am

Age Managers: 

  • U14B: Bruce Jones, Kate Lyon
  • U14G: Nick Nairn 

Lead SRC trainer: Stephen Tindale

Proficiency swim requirements: 200m swim in 4:30 minutes

BBQ duty Day: 

  • U14B: Sunday 10 October 2021
  • U14G: Sunday 17 October 2021


Our U14 group are our Nipper leaders and start the season by training for their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) – a 6 week course that provides our U14 Nippers with skills and knowledge of surf awareness, aquatic rescue operations and resuscitation.

What does the SRC course involve?

The course is split into 3 components:


The pre-course eLearning takes around 3 hours to complete, but we find most kids prefer to spread this out over 3-4 sessions.

Dry training sessions Sundays 8am-11am

This is where we teach the kids the theory component, how to use radios, do signals and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 

These sessions are held at the Surf Club using our Covid-19 Safety Plan. We usually run separate 1 ½ hour sessions for boys and girls to keep the groups as small as possible.

Wet training sessions – Wednesdays and Fridays 6am-7am

These water-based sessions are where the kids learn to do board and tube rescues. 

We’ll only take the kids out the back when it’s safe to do so. If the surf’s too big, we’ll run activities in the rock pool or cancel the session altogether.

Who runs the SRC?

Stephen Tindale – Bronte Surf Club’s 2020/21 Trainer of the Year and father of Zoe, U14 girls – will be the trainer, with U14 Age Managers Nick and Bruce managing the water safety crew. 

What happens after the course?

Once they pass the SRC, the kids become Bronte Cadets and will be put into a patrol team with their friends. They’ll patrol or provide water safety for Nippers about 8 times per season on Sundays from 8am - 11am, overseen by Amber Brown, Director of Cadets.  

Then, when they’re 15 and have patrolled for 2 seasons, they can do the Cadet Bronze Medallion course, which is a 3 week intensive course (as they’ve already covered a lot of the content in their SRC).