President's Award: Craig "Bettsy" Betts

President's Award: Craig

Bettsy first joined the club in 2012 and the Betts family have been an integral part of our club ever since. Testament to his great character is the fact that Bettsy has been Nipper Director for the last 4 years (they have given Victoria Crosses out for less!). Bettsy has brought an incredible calmness to nippers and has found a way of balancing competition with the most important part of what we do, teaching our young boys and girls a love of the ocean and the importance of becoming surf proficient. Somehow during this time he has also been able to see his eldest Jasmine attain Bronze, daughters Gabrielle and Francesca gain their SRC and Alannah well on her way to SRC. Leadership clearly runs in the family with Gaby also elected Nipper Captain. He has been an incredible help to me on the board and has been a great advisor on many strategic issues. To top it all, we get to have his unbelievable wife Georgina come as part of the deal!

Bettsy, thank you for the incredible role you have played, not only over the last 4 years as Nippers Director but for the time you have been with the Club.