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What a beautiful morning at Bronte! Finally, a perfect opportunity for our U9s and U10s to do their first ocean paddles for the season. Well done to all the nippers who did some amazing ocean swims from the pool around to the beach. It was the first time for some - a fantastic effort!



With most nippers at the Waverley Shield this Sunday, BBQ duties fall to the U6 boys from 8am-9.30am.

WAVERLEY SHIELD, this Sunday 18th November @ North Bondi

We look forward to seeing all U8-U14s at North Bondi this Sunday for the Waverley Shield! This carnival is a fun, friendly morning for all and a great introduction to competition for our new nippers. The Waverley Shield will replace normal Nippers for these age groups.

U8, U9 and U10 commence at 8am with marshalling for first events at 7.45am. U11, U12, U13 and U14 commence at 10am. The All Age Beach Relay is at 7.30am and the All Age Board Relay is at 7.45am. New events, soft sand runs of 1km and 2km each, commence at 9.45am for all ages.

Pink rashies and Bronte Nipper caps are compulsory (blue on the right, yellow on the left). Please bring goggles, plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, a black marker as well as plenty of patience and good humour. As with all carnivals, there will be some waiting about, and nippers may need to chose between sand and water events as they will be run concurrently.


As you know, we are hosting the carnival this year (from North Bondi SLSC) and we are still looking for volunteers to fill the roles below. Please sign up online indicating where you can help. We need more volunteers from all age groups, but we are especially light in the following: U9s, U10s and U11s.


6.00am-7.30am - assist Col McDermid to set up U8 area
11.00am-11.30am - pack up U8 area
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6.00am-8.00am: BBQ set up at North Bondi SLSC. Minimum 4 parents required to cook breakfast for officials, water safety and set up crews, and then deliver trays of cooked food upstairs.
10.30am: bring all Bronte foam boards from Water Area 1 back to Bronte trailer 
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3 volunteers needed to pick up 3 tents from Bronte SLSC in the week prior to the carnival and transport them to North Bondi by 6.30am on the day. The tents are large. 1 tent per vehicle.
6.30am-7.30am - set up 3 tents for the following: U8 area, water area recorder, sprint track recorder
6.00am-7.30am – set up water areas (poles and bunting)
10.30am – bring all Bronte foam boards from Water Area 2 back to trailer 
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9.30am – set up 1km/2km track on soft sand at back of beach. Cones will be in trailer.
9.45am - parents to assist managing the 1km/2km races
1.00pm – bring all Bronte boards from water area 1 back to trailer 
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1.00pm – 3 volunteers to pick up 3 Bronte tents and transport them back to Bronte SLSC. The tents will be in the following areas: U8, water area recorder, sprint track recorder
1pm - bring all Bronte boards from Water Area 1 back to trailer 
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1.00pm – bring all Bronte boards from water area 2 back to trailer 
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10.15am-10.30am – distribute food packs from North Bondi SLSC to all officials and water safety
1pm - collect tables and chairs from recording tents and take to trailer 
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MAROUBRA UNDER 8 CARNIVAL, Saturday 1st December

There is an U8s only carnival on Saturday 1 December at South Maroubra. This is another great opportunity for the younger ones to get some competition experience. As with all carnivals, our kids cannot participate without providing a quota of officials and water safety. Be prepared to volunteer if your U8 would like to join in. Sign up for the officials course now if you’re in doubt! 


We'd love to see you at any of the informal Club gatherings and activities throughout the week:
Sunday Sips, 4pm each Sunday upstairs
Sunday afternoon running group at 4.15pm (run to Bondi and back)
Group board paddle for qualified bronze medallion holders on Sunday afternoons at 4.15pm and on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings at 6am
Wednesday morning group swim at 6am outside North Bondi SLSC
Pilates with Harries on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and Thursday mornings at 6am ($10 cash)


Nipper training continues this week:

Sand training: with Jordan Williams at Bronte - Thursdays 4.15pm-5.30pm
Beginner boards for U9 and up: with Jo Mermaid at Bondi - Tuesdays 4.25pm-5.30pm and Fridays 4.25pm-5.30pm
Development squad boards: with Scott Doble - Tuesdays 4.25pm-5.30pm at Bondi; Saturdays 1.30pm-2.30pm at Bronte
Competition squad boards: with Jason Gavin - Mondays 4.30pm-5.30pm at Bondi; Tuesdays 4.30pm-5.30pm at Bronte; Thursdays 5.30am-6.45am at Coogee; Saturdays 1.30pm-2.30pm at Bronte. Participation in this squad is at the discretion of Jason Gavin.
Surf swim skills U9 - U15 with Wally Eggleton at Bronte- Thursday 4pm-5pm. This session is for competent swimmers.
Advanced surf swim skills U12-U15:with Quinn Darragh - Sunday 3pm at Bronte. This is for intermediate to advanced competitors.
Friday fitness for girls U12-U14: with Gabi Betts - Fridays 6am-7am at Bronte



Fees are now due for board and sand training:

-development and competition board squads + sand: $200 
-beginner boards + sand training: $150 
-sand training: $100

Training fees are payable via the 'Payment Gateway' on the Bronte SLSC website. Please use the following:
Transaction Type: Other (from drop down list)
Description: nipper training for [full name of nipper]
Amount: see above