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2016/17 Skills Maintenance Sessions

All active lifesavers on patrol or performing Water Safety must attend a Skills Maintenance Session before 31st December 2016.

Skills Maintenance sessions are conducted each season to satisfy legal requirements and ensure ongoing competency of members in their area of training or activity with SLSA.  Awards from season to season are valid until 31 December. Members who are not proficient in that award as of 31 December are not permitted to patrol or compete in any SLSA competition, until they have obtained the required proficiency.  Members who obtain their award between January and April are required to attend a skills maintenance session when the new season commences in September of that year. 
The full schedule for the current season is below.   Attendance is compulsory for all Cadets, Active, and Reserve Active members under the club conditions of membership.  Failure to fulfill this requirement means you are not able to perform water safety, patrol or compete in SLSA events and your membership will be suspended for the remainder of the season. 

The SLSA NSW pre-season info pack outlines the skills maintenance requirements for each award.   
View the full list of SLSA Patrol Signals

Lifesaving Refresher Videos

Surf Life Saving Australia has published a series of interactive videos for skills maintenance “refresher” purposes.
Members must still attend a scheduled skills maintenance however they can refresh their skills prior via the interactive videos.
The videos should play on most mobile devices with in-video interactive refresher questions.
Below is the full list. 

01 - Resuscitation - 2 Person (SLSA)
02 - Resuscitation - 1 Person (SLSA)
04 - Board Rescue - Conscious Patient (SLSA)
05 - Board Rescue - Unconsious Patient (SLSA)
06 - Tube Rescue - Conscious Patient (SLSA)
07 - Tube Rescue - Unconscious Patient (SLSA)
08 - Spinal Board Carry - Patient in Water (SLSA)
09 - Walk-Up Spinal - use of spinal board if assistance required (SLSA)
10 - IRB Lift and Carry (SLSA)
12 - Resuscitation - 4 Person including Oxy Viva and Defib (SLSA)
13 - IRB Awareness - Launch, Landing, Lift and Carry (SLSA)
14 - Spinal Training Scenario ARC Update 2016 (SLSA)

If you have any questions contact 
Bronte Training

2016/17 Bronte Skills Maintenance Dates            
Award Date Day Time Early Patrol Mid Patrol Late Patrol
Bronze/SRC 16-Oct Sun 11.30am 13   19
Bronze/SRC 22-Oct Sat 12.30pm  Patrol 4   Patrol 7
Bronze/SRC 23-Oct Sun 11.30am Patrol 9   Patrol 17
Bronze/SRC 29-Oct Sat 11.15 Patrol 2   Patrol 6
ARTC 29-Oct Sat 12.30pm       
Bronze/SRC 30-Oct Sun 11am Nipper WS & patrol 12 Patrol 15 Patrols  18/WS 1 
Bronze/SRC 6-Nov Sun 11am Nipper WS & patrol 11 Patrol 16 Patrols  19/13/WS 2 
Spinal 6-Nov Sun 12.15      
Bronze/SRC 13-Nov Sun 2pm Patrol 9 Patrol 14 Patrols 17/20/WS 3
Bronze/SRC 27-Nov Sun 11am and 2pm Nipper WS & Patrol 10 Patrol 15 Patrols 16/11/WS 5
ARTC 3-Dec Sat 1pm       

Lifesaving Contacts

Patrol Rosters:  Garry Luscombe
Club Captain:  Iljko Miocevic
Chief Training Officer: Andrew Ugarte
Lifesaving Administration: Kimberly Johns