Becoming a Bronte Nipper

We welcome all kids ages 5-13 to our Nipper’s program. At Bronte we believe in ensuring that kids feel encouraged and welcome to participate, and that they are truly part of the Bronte team. We promote a fun and safe environment on the beach which is not only enjoyable for the Nipper, but the entire family as well.

Registration are now open for the 2019/20 season:

All memberships must be completed and paid online for all NEW, RENEWAL and TRANSFERS from another Club and remember Bronte Nipper is part of the NSW Service Active Kids program.


For all NEW registrations you must bring proof of age (passport or birth certificate) to the Club to be sighted for your Nipper to complete the registration process.

This can be completed at our September registration days or before Nippers on Sunday mornings. Unfortunately, your Nipper will be unable to participate in Sunday activities if we do not have this on file.


At least one parent is required to be a member of Bronte Life Saving Club.

Due to Surf Life Saving Regulation, insurance and child protection protocols, any parent that holds a Committee or Group Leader position or who assists in any way that involves direct interaction with children MUST join the Club.

Fees for 2019/2020
Please note - An Active parent must hold Bronze Medallion Award

All new nippers to Bronte will receive a free nipper cap and rashie 

1 Nipper and Active/Water Safety Parent                            $200

2 or more Nippers and 1 Active/Water Safety Parent          $250

Active Family - 2 or more Nippers and 2 Active Parents   $300

1 Nipper and Non Active Parent                                         $250

2 or more Nippers and Non Active Parent                          $325

Family - 2 or more Nippers and 2 Non Active Parents       $400

Follow the steps below to join/renew and make payment for 2019-20 membership:

 ♦  Step 1
Create an account at the SLS Member Portal for each Nipper and/or family member you want to register.

Step 2
You will be sent a confirmation email/SMS code.

Step 3
Put this confirmation code into the Member Portal system to complete the creation of each personal log in.

Step 4
Log in and ADD/RENEW your membership for each Nipper in your family who wishes to renew using their personal details.

Step 5
MAKE PAYMENT using the Payment Gateway within Life Saving Online – see tab on the Member Portal.

Step 6
Bring proof of age or email to the club if you are a new Nipper member.

Things you need to know about SLS Member Portal:

1. All accounts created on the portal are for individual Nippers/Members only and not for the whole family. You will need to create separate accounts for each child and each parent/carer member.
2. Each member will need a unique username which you can usually use their first name and surname or first initial and surname.
3. If desired, you can use the same password for all your family when creating their accounts.
4. You must use the email address currently held in our database (Surfguard) to register/renew your membership. Please email  if you are unsure what this is or need to update it.
5. Membership fees should be paid via the Payment Gateway within Life Saving Online which is linked to the Member Portal page. You can bulk pay the whole family’s membership fees in one payment.

Please ensure that you clearly record the name of each family member in the description field when making payment. This indicates to us your payment covers more than one child. Failure to do this will delay the approval of your registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Age Groups for Nippers?

Age Groups

Age is determined as at 30 September each year.

Under 6

Nipper Cap is Sky Blue

01 Oct 2013 – 30 Sept 2014

Under 7

Nipper Cap is Mid Green

01 Oct 2012 – 30 Sept 2013

Under 8

Nipper Cap is Purple 

01 Oct 2011 –30 Sept 2012

Under 9

Nipper Cap is Hot Pink

01 Oct 2010 –30 Sept 2011

Under 10

Nipper Cap is Orange

01 Oct 2009 – 30 Sept 2010

Under 11

Nipper Cap is Fluoro Green

01 Oct 2008 – 30 Sept 2009

Under 12

Nipper Cap is Red

01 Oct 2007 – 30 Sept 2008

Under 13

Nipper Cap is Fuschia

01 Oct 2006 –30 Sept 2007

Under 14

Nipper Cap is Yellow

01 Oct 2005 –30 Sept 2006


When can I do my Proficiency Swims?

All returning nippers in 9-14 can provide a form signed by a qualified swimming coach that they have completed the requirements.The Form can be downloaded here or from Team APP in the documents section. Alternatively, nippers can attend the swim on Registration Day.

All U8 nippers will do their pool proficiency swim on the FIRST DAY of nippers.

How far it nipper Proficiency Swim?

Age group

Proficiency requirement

Under 6 and 7

No requirement

Under 8

50m swim (2 laps), 1 min survival float

Under 9

150m pool swim in 6 min

Under 10

200m pool swim in 6. Min

Under 11

200m pool swim in 5:30 min

Under 12

200m pool swim in 5 min

Under 13

200m pool swim in 4.30 min

Under 14

200m pool swim in 4.30 min

When can I register?

Online renewal and new registrations will OPEN online August 2019. See above for steps.

To register, go to lifesaving online  

When does nippers start?

Sunday 13th October 2019

What times is nippers on Sundays?

8am               U6s, U7s, U9s U14s              
9am              U8s, U10s, U11s 
10am          U12s and U13s

How can I help?

The nipper program at Bronte is successful due to the large number of parents and club members who continue to assist us and devote time and energy into making our nippers future lifesavers. Nippers does not work without parent volunteers. There are many ways in which you can help and we encourage all parents to chose something that suits them. Nipper Parent – parent helper (BBQ, merchandise, beach activities) with restricted club access. It is compulsory that at least one parent registers as a Nipper Parent.

Active Parent – active patrol member, bronze medallion certified with full club membership rights.

Associate Member – over 35, not an active member but full club membership rights.

All parents are encouraged to be age managers, water safety and hence to complete their bronze medallion. Nipper parents are unable to assist in the water unless they have completed their bronze medallion.

If you want to help you need to register yourself in the same way as you registered your child/children. You then need to complete the Working With Children Check Form . Once you have completed the form you can bring it to the office with your photo ID.

Contact Us

Email - Phone - (02) 9389 6500