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Nipper News

Online Renewals for all existing nippers commenced Tuesday 26th July 2016. 

Please see our Nipper membership page for information on how to register as well as the membership price list.
You can keep up to date with our Club information through our weekly Newsletter. 
You can also keep up to date with news, information and photo's of what's going on for our Nippers post season - Competition results, training information etc by clicking on the Facebook links on the top of this page.
The Nipper Calendar 2016/17 will also be posted mid-year.


Nipper Handbook

Please click here to read through the updated Nipper Handbook. This outlines all relevant information for the current season of Nippers. If you have any queries, please email

General Information

Every nipper family must register at least one Nipper Parent. This is compulsory and as such it has been incorporated into the Nipper fee schedule. This legally permits the registered parent to assist at Nippers in non Water Safety activities such as laying out flags, participating in other sand activities and helping at the water's edge with counting in swimmers and paddlers.

We hold a short seminar about the involvement of Nipper Parents at the commencement of the season, that must be attended by all
NEW Nipper Parents. Once the Nipper Parent has attended this night, they will receive a ‘Beach Crew’ cap that should be worn on the beach each Sunday to help to identify those that are able to assist. 

We request that members register online, via this link

Nippers come under the ‘Junior Activity Member’ category
Nipper Parents register as ‘General’ members
Active patrollers and/or water safety register as ‘Active’ members - you must hold your current Bronze Medallion to register in this category

Please note that once you have completed the online registration, you will notice that your membership sits as ‘pending’. Payment must be made immediately for your ‘pending’ membership to be finalised. Registration is not complete until payment is received.

The current fee schedule can be located on the Membership Fees page.

In addition to online registration we will be holding a Registration Day on 18 September. You can also purchase any merchandise you need on this day.

This year we will be doing our Proficiency Swim on September 18 from 9am to 1pm at St Catherine's School. Without completing the proficiency swim your child is unable to participate in Nippers. For more information please see Proficiency Requirements.