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Presidents Update – May 2018

Dear Members

Just like that, we have finished our season! On behalf of the Board of Management, I want to reiterate what I have said on a number of occasions during the year and thank all of our volunteers for all of their hard work this year.

Some would say it was almost fitting that we had our last patrol on Sunday with a closed beach. No one underestimates the challenges of patrolling at Bronte and we are appreciative of the many hours our patrollers have done over this summer.

I will thank everyone in detail in my section of the Annual Report.

We ended the season on quite a high:

  • The ANZAC Day memorial service last week was another wonderful community event.It is my favourite day at the Club where we engage with the community and host all attendees at the Club afterwards. The weather luckily broke for us at the right time and it was, as always, an inspiring day and pleasantly finished off with drinks up at the Club and 2up orchestrated by Moz who assumed the “tosser” role.
  • Mentioned elsewhere in the newsletter, but what a fantastic Open/Seniors Club Championships day last Sunday. Incredibly tricky conditions but an amazing turn out and a credit to Dave Finnimore, Kimberly and Victoria for their work in putting the day together.Talk of having it on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon next year and even bigger talk of including the wade!
  • A number of events coming up including:
    • Back to Bronte Day on Saturday 16th June, a midday start
    • Presentation day on Sunday 3rd June, starting at 2pm
    • Our AGM will be held at 2pm on Sunday 26th August

Again, thank you to all for a wonderful season. Look forward to seeing you over the off season at the club and in particular at Sunday afternoon drinks.

Basil Scaffidi

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Lifesaving Season Wrap

May as well kick off with an understatement: Bronte is always good.

But this season 17/18 was off the charts!

We managed 155 recorded rescues, of which 73 were carried out on boards. We can hand on our heart say those lower Rescue stats are due to YOU as we led the branch with 8380 recorded preventatives. This massive pro-active effort has been commended by Branch and the Lifeguards. Patrols are observing and acting quicker with much more confidence from bottom to top as an autonomous team.

It was equally pleasing from a Club Captains patrol drop in point of view is a high percentage of those preventative actions were initiated via waterborne Patrollers. Great to see more and more members Patrolling the mid section and out the back on a Rescue Board or with a Tube herding the punters back between the flags or out of potential harms way. Being aquatically active, relevant and respected feels good doesn’t it. Thank you to all the members for taking up the fantastic weekly skills and post Bronze ongoing education training now being offered. Its a satisfying return on investment to those who are regularly providing and building on it across the Club!

The Club took its response to those stakeholder surveys "we want to get better at boards" seriously! Under the refocused guidance of James and the expert tutelage of Dave, supported by Troy in the ocean, 

Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings, Sunday afternoons, boards were grabbed from the racks, fears were overcome, or at least faced, and everyone came away much better than they started. Not only was the upskilling valuable, it was a great way to really break down the patrol silos and get everyone knowing everyone else.

Jochen - more about him later - supported by Jason, continued to lead his loyal band of IRB followers with boats heading off to do water safety for Carnivals up and down the coast.

The Team in the Office provided ongoing support, admin, information, and advice!

First Aid: Another amazing initiative this season has been Ally's excellent management supported by Kate of the First Aid Kits. The first aid kits are now little red boxes of everything you could ever require. This is critical to our work as first responders, but one that makes our job so much easier on those hot days on the sand. Thanks also to Macca for her vigilant management of the oxy-viba's.

Up in the skies, summer went on until just before Anzac Day which kept the beach and particularly the park, busy until well past sunset.

Christmas Day didn't deliver the smorgasbord of rescues dished up the previous year (sorry Ed). Being thankfully quite grey and overcast, it was a good chance to catch up with the other Boys in Blue who were patrolling the coast on their mountain bikes.

Of course last weekend's Club Championships was the perfect denouement. Club stalwarts on the sand really valued the show put on and the vibrancy of the members! 20 members to have a go at flags! Easy! Relays! no problem - we were fielding "C" teams!

"Have a go" became the motto of the season and one that has a compelling contagiousness about it!

Garry kept Wednesday mornings alive and took to the new technology so he could answer questions as they arose: "That's right, Wednesday, 6am, at Bondi".

With the patrol season signed off last Sunday, it is a good time to express deep and sincere gratitude for all the time our amazing volunteers contribute to keeping Bronte a safe place to swim and a fantastic little hub of community spirit!

Looking forward to seeing you in 2018/19

Train Hard - Rescue Easy - Have Fun !!!

PS: 2018/19, we are organising a Proficiency Carnival!!!

Vice Club Captain

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Bronte Club Championships Wrap.

With plenty of swell and testing conditions we had about 50 members divided into 4 teams who put all their skills learnt over the years to the test at Sundays Club Champs. It was especially great to see all the new Bronzie’s from this Summer get involved, our amazing Paddle Crew who have trained so hard over the past 9 months, and then a few marque athletes like Bowdo,Troy, Stephan and Wally anchor our Teams.

Special mentions go to Team Blue, led by Craig Betts, who took out the Teams Title for 2017-18 by 1 point over the Pink Team, Gaby Naher catching an awesome wave to split the field to win the Woman’s Board Final, Troy Stewart winning the Men’s Board and Sprint, Jess Stewart winning the Ladies Sprint, and some hard fought Flags to finish with, with wins to Nathan Barnes and Tara Wynne.

Congrats also to our Big Wave Award winner Anthony Burrows, Players Player Award won by a very determined Georgie Byron, and the Club Spirit Award going to Grant Lyndon.

An amazing display of skill out there in large waves by all who entered, and we cannot wait to do it again next Summer and hopefully have even more join in the fun !


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Bronte Nippers Season Wrap

The 2017-18 Nipper season finally wrapped up with 2 of our U14 girls competing at the Aussie’s over in Perth recently. A silver medal to Sophie Ferenczi and some great results from Sophie Scaffidi was a fitting end to their long nippers careers.

Whilst we can all take a break from the early Sunday mornings at Bronte, we will continue to have some training in the off-season. Jason is running some beginner boards for U8’s on Sundays for another few weeks, whilst U13’s are encouraged to come along Sunday afternoons to practice on the long boards and the competitive board squad will start back around July (we will take a break when it gets cold) - keep an eye on Team APP for updates.

We encourage the children to keep up some swimming during the Winter and look forward to seeing everyone back on Sunday October 14th for the first day of next season.



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Danke Jochen, du warst hervorragend

After six years at the helm, Jochen has decided to step down from his position as the IRB Team Captain.

To say Jochen is loved by the IRB team is a huge understatement.

His dedication and commitment to the team, the club, and of course to the Shed with its gleaming array of engines, have made him revered.

Jochen has managed the IRB Captain work load with good grace, humour and great generosity of time and spirit. He has brought his technical expertise to bear in delivering excellence in IRB engine maintenance. In addition to training new members, managing the patrols, proficiencies and paperwork, Jochen has refurbished the shed, and developed strong collaborative relationships across the eastern suburbs IRB teams.

In his six years as IRBC, he has completed over 716 patrol hours. This figure is no doubt dwarfed by his non-patrol hours supporting the Club and making the team the cohesive and proactive unit it is today.

The good news is that Jochen isn't going far. Jochen will still be on hand to patrol, with his trusty crewperson Sophie by his side. He will also continue to enforce the IRB shed sand exclusion zone.


Mother's Day at Bronte

Looking for somewhere to take Mum after lunch for Mother's Day?

Enjoy a selection of beautiful deserts to compliment your free glass of French champagne for every Mum at the Club, Mother's Day Sunday May 13th.

Bar will be open from 3pm.

All members and friends welcome, especially all those wonderful mothers out there !!

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Bronte Bar is open this Sunday from 3pm for Sunday Sips. 

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Lifesaving Worlds Championships

2018 Lifesaving World Championships are being held in Adelaide from November, 16th to December, 2nd 2018. If you are interested please check out the website or contact Bronte office for more information.


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Sunday, 3rd June 2018:            Senior Presentation  

Saturday, 16th June 2018:       Back to Bronte for Veterans Day - Flyer attached

Sunday, 26th August 2018:       AGM commencing at 2pm

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