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Molokai Paddle Fundraiser

Bronte Surf Club's Head of Surf Sports David Finnimore is putting himself to the test to raise some serious money for Bronte SLSC. 

Forming a formidable team with Club Captain James McLennan and our fearless Nipper Coach Jason Gavin, they will represent Bronte SLSC in one of the worlds premier ocean races, the 53 kilometre Molokai to Oahu race in Hawaii on 27 May.

Crossing this wild bit of ocean referred to as the Channel of Bones is not for the faint of heart, but the guys have been training 3-4 sessions a week for the past year to get race ready. Dave and Jason combined have  lost an amazing 28 kilo's pre-race!

On top of their own training, both spend many hours teaching our Nippers through to our Masters a few days a week, and James puts in huge hours as Club Captain - now it's our turn to give them our support.

Please dig deep and support this great cause, all money raised will go directly to new boards and ski's for Club Members of all ages. Click here or on the picture above to Donate.

We wish our 3 guys the best of luck as they face this incredible challenge and look forward to tracking them as they make their crossing on Sunday 27 May.

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Save the date for Bronte's Club Awards

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Back to Bronte Day

We’d like to invite past and present members to the Club on

Saturday 16 June from 12 noon

to get together, share a story and memory of your Bronte Surf Club
experiences. The invitation is extended to family and friends.
Tickets are just $25 a head, lunch will be provided and drinks
can be purchased from the bar. Tickets available on the day.
Secure you ticket for Lunch by emailing
Look forward to celebrating Bronte’s wonderful history.
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Spotlight on Paul Wenck

1. What brought you to Bronte SLSC?

I first visited Bronte Beach in 1991. I was a young, British Army officer on leave after 7 months sweltering in the utterly featureless Syrian and Arabian deserts. On the plane to Sydney, I spoke to someone who recommended that the first thing I do upon landing was to go for a swim at Bronte. A few hours later, I stood for the first-time marvelling at the little slice of heaven that was Bronte. I had arrived during a summer storm and remember the warm sheets of rain sweeping Bronte’s sandy shore, as rollers burst across the reef and pool. It was in such utter contrast to where I come from, that I pretty much decided that I would not only go for a swim, but in fact one day move and live here.

2. Your own childhood - was it beach, bush or burbs?

Beach. I grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Life on the coast in the 1970s was fishing the sand gutters for whiting and bream, exploring the dunes and surfing, surfing, surfing. My first board was an enormous Haydn 9-footer that my Father would cart down to Tea Tree Bay and I would ride the length of that sweeping crescent of a bay. (Alexandria and Tea Tree Bay at Noosa are still superb right-handers but a little rocky these days). Nothing could top a day at the beach and my Mum used to know when I wagged school because I would come home sunburnt and sandy. My wife, (Ria) also knows when I skip work, because the same thing still happens.

3. What do you do around the Club?

Patrol 19 – the ‘last patrol’ and our mission is to prevent (the mostly) water-based mishaps of the Sunday afternoon crowd of Bronte beach-goers. We do have the occasional rescue, but the diligence of our patrol team keeps us and the Waverly Lifeguards largely dry. One of our team, Cathal Murphy has done more ‘preventative’ rescues than I can remember. Cathal is like a very friendly, but obsessively protective Irish Wolfhound, constantly herding his flock of cheerful and occasionally hapless swimmers between the flags. I’ve seen him physically pluck people out of a rip and back onto a sandbank to safety.

4. What's your favourite Bronte 'moment’?

Sausage in a bun, after a swim on a sunny, Sunday morning.

5. What would you tell anyone who wanted to become more involved in the Club?

A cliché to be sure – but the more you do, the more fun you have. You get all the support you need from a friendly leadership team. Most importantly we need you - so please volunteer for further training opportunities.

N.B. Tim Jefferies and I will be running a Gold Medallion training squad this year - so email me if you want to join - it is a super fun challenge. The next Gold assessment is in December 2018 - so plenty of time to get fit and achieve the pre-qualification you need!



Mother's Day at Bronte

Looking for somewhere to take Mum after lunch for Mother's Day?

Enjoy a selection of beautiful deserts to compliment your free glass of French champagne for every Mum at the Club, Mother's Day Sunday May 13th.

Bar will be open from 3pm.

All members and friends welcome, especially all those wonderful mothers out there !!

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Bronte Bar is open this Sunday from 3pm for Sunday Sips. 

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Sunday, 3rd June 2018:            Senior Presentation  

Saturday, 16th June 2018:       Back to Bronte for Veterans Day - Flyer attached

Sunday, 26th August 2018:       AGM commencing at 2pm

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