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Bronte is extremely proud of the 90 nippers represent our club over the 3-day State carnival on the weekend. It is quite a spectacle to see a kilometre of beach lined with thousands of fit young athletes, not to mention all the nervous parents. 

As always, the children represented our club proudly and with the right spirit: they cheered each other on, they stepped up to fill vacant relay positions and each time did their very best. They can all be proud of their efforts.
To get to a final at State is an achievement, to get top 6 shows a commitment to training and to win a medal is something quite special and memorable. To come 4th by a meter or a point feels heart-breaking as Abigail Ng and the U12 girls and boys found out.
Our U14 girls and boys bowed out of nippers in style with 2 team bronze medals and an individual bronze to Sophie. Meanwhile our new U9’s had their first taste of success with a silver to the boys and 6th place for the girls in swim teams.
Finally, to coaches, age mangers, officials, water safety and parents a very big thank you as we can’t do this without you.
Here are the results, please share my congrats to your children:
3rd – U14 Female 2km Run – Sophie Ferenczi
4th – U11 Female Beach Sprint – Abigail Ng
5th – U14 Male Beach Flags – Ben Braun
5th – U11 Male Ironperson – Charlie Hatton
6th – U12 Female Surf Race – Leila Gaston
6th – U12 Female 1km Run – Milly Boughton
6th – U9 Male Surf Race – Flynn Visch

2nd – U9 Male Surf Team – Joe Hatton, Harrison Nixon, Zain Rashid, Flynn Visch
3rd – U14 Male Beach Relay – Ben Braun, Jet Hendrie, Brodie Hendrie, Hugo Lefebvre
3rd – U14 Female Surf Team – Amelia Boyle, Phoebe Cummins, Sophie Ferenczi, Sophie Scaffidi
4th – U12 Male Surf Team – James Boyle, Mitchell Gavin, Charlie Ashton, Dasher Stewart
4th – U12 Female Board Relay – Chloe Braun, Leila Gaston, Lily Skeete
5th – U12 Female Board Rescue – Leila Gaston, Lily Skeete
5th – U11 Male Surf Team – Oliver Aboud, Ed Baxter, Alexander Doble, Charlie Hatton
5th – U11 Female Beach Relay – Ella Fitzpatrick, Araminta Johnstone, Abigail Ng, Lola Scotts
6th – U14 Female Board Rescue – Sophie Ferenczi, Sophie Scaffidi
6th – U11 Male Board Relay – Ed Baxter, Alexander Doble, Charlie Hatton
6th – U9 Female Surf Team – Mae Angus, Leila Clark, Kassandra Jackson, Gabi Mata Rohe

Well done Team Bronte.

Craig Betts
Director of Nippers

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2018 Twilight Club Championships Friday 23rd March 5-7pm followed by club BBQ until late

Block your calendar, take a half day off work, book a babysitter/dog walker, basically do whatever you need, to ensure you don t miss out on the best night of the surf club calendar.

We’re putting fun and participation ahead of placings for an inclusive teams only based club champs.

So rally your fellow patrollers, cadets, water safety mates, basically anyone with their SRC or Bronze, and get set for a night of friendly competition followed by drinks and a BBQ upstairs.

Invite your friends and family down to cheer you on!

Of course, there will always be a few that keep score and placings that will change based on how many times the story is retold at the end of the night. We have no control over that!

Events will include:

  • Swim Team 3 x swimmers
  • Board Relay 3 x board paddlers
  • Board Rescue 1 x swim 1 x board
  • Cameron Team - 1 x swim, 1 x run, 1 x board, 1 x run.
  • Sand Relay - 4 x runners
  • Best IRB team Doughnut (maybe)

Don’t have a team? Don’t worry, we will help co-ordinate that on the day, with bonus points for teams that consist of mixed gender, under 20’s & over 50’s. In fact, we might insist on it!

What do you need to do for now? Put it in the dairy. More details will follow.

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Bronte Nipper's are really excited to announce an upcoming event for 30 Bronte girls to attend a Hydrothon Clinic on March 18th prior to our presentation day event.

This event is in partnership with our sponsor Macquarie Bank and we hope to have some children of Macquarie staff join in the morning. The clinic is specifically aimed at girls aged 10-14 with guest speaker Taylar Puskaric talking about her training and diet as a Nutri Grain Iron Woman. The event is limited to 30 Bronte nippers and cost $5. They do need to pre-register to sign off on a waiver.

There is a board to be given away and all participants will receive some goods.

See flyer for more details or ask your age manager.

This is not just for top athletes, we hope to inform girls about diet and training and encourage further participation so we hope we get a good take up.



The Club would like to send a cheerio to Bronte Life Member and Club Treasurer Roley Tyrell who is under going treatment in hospital at this time.

Best wishes Roley from all club members and we look forward to seeing your smiling face down at the club again soon.

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Nipper Newsletter

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This Sunday during nippers will be the only opportunity to grab a bargain. All women and girl's swimwear stock has to go, as well as other items. Come down and check it out. 

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Bronte Bar is open this Sunday from 3pm for Sunday Sips.

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AM: 8:45am to 1:45pm
Patrol 2
PC: Jeremy Smith
VC: Michael Bremmer

PM: 1:30am to 6pm
Patrol 7
PC: Paul Johnson
VC: Timothy Azzopardi

IRB Crews

AM: 830am to 1.15pm
IRB Driver: John Asquith
IRB Crew: Marc Schregardus

PM: 1:15pm to 6pm
IRB Driver: Sam Stone
IRB Crew: Anne De Groot

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AM: 7:30am to 11.45am
Patrol 19 & Cadets
PC: Pat Keating

MID: 11.00am to 2:45pm
Patrol 14
PC: Tim Ryan
VC: Ryan Tindall

PM: 2.30pm to 6.00pm
Patrol 18
PC: Tim Jeffries
VC: Peter McGrath

IRB: 7:30am to 12:45pm
IRB Driver: Paul Johnson
IRB Crew: Thomas YOung

IRB: 12:45pm to 6.00pm
IRB Driver: Craig Freier
IRB Crew: Ryan Tindall


Sunday, 18th March 2018:       Nipper Presentation 

Friday, 23rd March 2018:        Twilight Club Championships 5-7pm

Wednesday, 25th April 2018:   Anzac Day

Sunday, 3rd June 2018:            Senior Presentation  

22nd April postponed to May/June date TBC:   Veterans Day

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